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My new spiral perm.  Never had a spiral before.  Never had hair this long.




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Re: DEER Sunday 08/07/2022

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Those deer are so at home, your hair is pretty.

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Registered: ‎03-20-2010 the photos of the sweet fawns and their moms......


Princess Willow looks energetic and rearin to get into some mischief....😘🧡


Pretty hair Mama Wick!

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Love those babies @MamaWick .    I did not know there was such a thing as a spiral perm.  Yours look nice and your hair does not appear damaged from the perm.    I guess you can let your hair air dry and it will look like the picture?

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I love that spiral perm! I want one!

How long did it take?


Look at all the spots!!😍 

and "squeee"- (as @feline groovy would say😄)-4 babies with spots!!💓-little white polka dots!

Their moms are so graceful and delicate looking. So sweet.


Willow checking out the new hairdo! What does she think?😊

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@MamaWick That's a really healthy looking new perm. Someone did a great job. Looks like natural beachy waves/curls. Enjoy. 


Interestingly, when I let my hair go grey, it decided to curl itself. I now have hair about your length that I air dry to medium tight spiral curls. I'm in love with it.


Made my Sunday to see the growing herd and little Willow looking excited about something. Maybe a treat? 

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Re: DEER Sunday 08/07/2022

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@MamaWick   We had a doe and her fawn visit yesterday.   The fawn still has its white dots.  The doe looked pregnant.  Can they have a "second litter" in the same year?

Your hair looks lovely.  It grows quickly.  

Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White.  She looks like she's smiling for us. 🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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It is always a pleasure and joy to see the Bambis who have found their spots at the inviting kind and safe Wick Haven!!!  While they are maturing they still have the lovely white spots which adds to their beauty!!!!!  The Mamas are always close by making sure their children are finding their way to good food and a relaxing environment.  Nature smiles !!!


I like your spiral curls, MamaWick!!!!  Very pretty style!  Princess Willow White looks like she might be wondering if she too can have that spiral hair look!!!!!  Change is always good in our lives, enjoy your new hair style.  It is an upbeat happy time at the Wick's, the Bambis, Does and Willow all agree!!!!!

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All are lovely - for some reason, the first picture really touched my heart.


Everyone is venturing closer to see your hair MamaWick. We are all in agreement - it looks fabulous! It looks natural with the curls nice and relaxed - enjoy it!


Willow looks to be smiling and asking if there is a similar "do" she might get? Heart

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@MamaWick Cudos to you on all your pictures!  I love Bambi's spots, they actually look linear.  Your hair looks good and fresh for the fall  and Willow's smile never disappoints!