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I am new to your MamaWick group of followers. These photos are just precious! I love deer, especially the babies with their spots. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures. Your pup is a beauty as well.
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SO cute!  All spots and legs.  Partners in crime.  Willow, could you Be any more comfy?!

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Re: DEER Sunday 07/03/2022

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@MamaWick   Such sweetness all around, the deer and Miss Willow.
Are those fraternal twins?  Their spots aren't identical.  I would spend all day watching them. 

Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White. You can't hide from us you adorable baby. 🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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Big babies with spots!!

Love them!

Sweet deer and Willow I hope you all do ok in the fireworks. I'm sorry sweet ones, don't be scared. You have your Mama and Papa Wick to be there with you.

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The spotted sweeties in the tall wild grass are my favorite photos, of course!  The deer, environment, the calm and serenity of the photos lifts my spirits and raises my happy level!  These Bambis are so lovely and look like they could be best friends!!!!  Happy times for the deer at the Wick haven, such a safe retreat for all the woodland friends.


I always enjoy seeing Miss Willow White, so much a part of MamaWick's post.  Resting in her royal blanket, hope her dreams are sweet and peaceful.  A ray of sunshine!


Happy fourth of July to all !

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  How adorable are those little fawns! Of course Willow is precious, sleeping, wrapped in her blankie.

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The 2 Fawns and Willow are precious !!!💜
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Love love love those adorable spotted fawns---so cute!!!!  


Hugs to Princess Willow!

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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Re: DEER Sunday 07/03/2022

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I'm seeing double! Twice the beauty, twice the gentleness, twice the sweetness.


Little Willow sleeping so serenely is just lovely.


Wishing you, hub, Willow and all of your "deer" family all the best, today and every day.