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It is always a good day at the Wick Haven, the deer gathered for their meals, some may rest or just stop by for carrots.  Whatever reasons, seeing the Bucks, Does and Bambis through photos is a nature visit for me.  I am also happy to see Rocky still coming around!  He looks like he is saying hi!


While all this is going on, Miss Willow White is also enjoying the outdoors on her bed sound asleep and looking adorable!!!!  The Wick welcome mat is always out for all!!!!!

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@MamaWick  Miss Willow looks so comfy snoozing in the sunshine!

 Hows our boy with the wonky antler and lumpy jaw going?  He has a grateful look in his eye that you have a carrot or some other yummy thing for him.

It's so interesting that all the boys are developing on different timelines.

Maybe aftre their first year they'll start around the same time?

Time is flying by,  Autumn will be here before they know it!

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Re: DEER Sunday 06/11/2023

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@MamaWick  Sunday brunch at the Wick's.  Where's the Margaritas?


Everyone looks so healthy and happy.  Thanks to the good eats you offer Rocky appears to be having a good quality of life.  B this makes me very happy.  🦌🦌


Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White who is not only adorable in repose but whose shadow is cute too. 

Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven.  💕🌈

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@MamaWick, in reading the comments I just noticed the lump on the little bucks neck. Is he okay? I hope he will be alright. They are all just beautiful.
Thank you for the beautiful photos