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Re: DEER Sunday 05/30/2021

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Happy Sunday.  Good to see all of you.  Even with the deer's mouth open I do not see their teeth.  I do think it is sweet that their mouth is open as it is a way of trying to communicate with you.

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The gang's all present at  Wick's haven, posing, eating and feeling good!  Some with mouths open, they appear to be commenting on the day!  


While it is a rainy Sunday in my area, the sun is shining as I enjoy the photos of our deer friends, always a pleasure to see their sweet faces!!  Tranquillity!

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Re: DEER Sunday 05/30/2021

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20210525_161827.jpgI love this picture!

And that last one has the sweetest face.

Thank you always for these amazing pictures of your deer family. I'm so  happy to see them each time!

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MW - Do they talk to you? Some of the shots always look like they're saying something.


As always, thanks!  


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Re: DEER Sunday 05/30/2021

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The sweetest faces, the one deer, is it Tracy??? that seems to be saying, "THANK YOU @MamaWick "...............

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These deer bring such joy into so many lives.


Thank you, MamaWick.

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The pics are amazing! I love how they are gathered together so perfectly and the one with the mouth open is darling. I think it's saying mama lol.

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Awww, there is the gang all there for their delicious carrots.  Looking so cute as always!


The last pic looks like the deer wants to to chat with you.  LOL.


Just adorable!  Heart

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Re: DEER Sunday 05/30/2021

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@MamaWick   So glad your company was able to enjoy their Memorial Day dinner.  We have been having cold rainy weather; although, our deer family has visited for their dinner too.  

Thanks for continuing to bring a smile to my face with your beautiful pictures.  

Woofs and gentle belly rubs to Cricket.  Hope she was able to enjoy a nap or two today.  

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