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Guard deer...watching from all sides




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That is the best picture with the deer all laying around together.  These animals always bring joy to my life.  Willow, you are a little sweetheart and you grew up so fast.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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How the one with the doe lying in the flowers...wonderful.

The one with all of them is truly amazing... one of them looks pregnant.

Hi Willow.. so nice to see you... Love this picture with you looking straight on.

What a beautiful girl you are.

Thank you for the pictures...

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@MamaWick  Willow looks so pretty in this picture. Smiley Happy



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Re: DEER Sunday 05/22/2022

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What an incredible picture of the guard deer! They really may be watching over a mama about to give birth or a baby just born near by. Truly amazing!

I also love the one of the sweet buck in the flowers.

When you are ready for your book of your deer family, @MamaWick,

We will all be the first in line!

I will always remember how much your deer family and Cricket and Willow and Roe? and Papa Wick and you with your hands outstretched  to the deer and your sil lifted up all our spirits every day! And not just for a day. The sweetest story of love and trust.


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Great photos, but particularly love the photo of the deer laying in the wild flowers....and of course what can one say about ADORABLE Princess Willow ! 

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These photos of the gentle woodland creatures relaxing in the lush green grass are just lovely!  The deer seem so at ease, comfortable and enjoying a lazy day.  For me the scenes give a feel good vibe, calm and rest.


Of course Willow White looks  adorable and happy to be in her relaxation mode!  Nature visits and all is well.

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Just when I think the pictures can't get any more beautiful, they do!  How much I love that pic with the deer laying on the grass and like you said, they are on guard!  But what I love most is how much they feel safe and loved by being in your yard.  I love all animals and creatures and just wish everyone would be so kind as you and Papawick!  HeartHeart


And how adorable is precious Willow looking all bright and so cute and sweet!  Hugs to her as always!  Heart

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The guard deer are wonderful, as are the fuzzy antlers!


Miss Willow looks ready to start a party!  What a cutie she is.

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@MamaWick It is good to see that your guard deer are on the job even on a Sunday.  They all appear to have gotten their belly full and resting  in the haven of WIC FARMS.  

Willow is her usual charming self!