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This might be the boy who left his antlers for us yesterday. 






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He's beautiful and seems so gentle @MamaWick 


Dear Willow keeping her carrot close as she naps. Heart

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Mr. Buck seems so chill today. lol….Hi Ms. Willow!
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The buck's motto may be: "Will trade antlers for carrots!"

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Mr.Buck looks like he's got a bit of a headache.  Maybe he's thinking " Have you got any banana skins today?  Corrots are just to LOUD."

Miss Willow is dreaming about being a great hunter.  "I've got it and I'm gonna KEEP it!"

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Such a good looking youngster !! The process of growing and shedding antlers is amazing and so is nature.


Combining fun and relaxation is Willow's favorite part of her day!!!!!

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That buck sure looks sweet with new fallen antlers.  Willow always looks sweet, especially with her new baby lamb chop toy!😊💝💕

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@MamaWick   Did you tell this handsome buck how much his fan club loves his generosity?   What a good boy for leaving you his antlers. ❤️🦌


Woofs and hugs to adorable Miss Willow White 🥰. Willow sleeps so comfortably with her carry in her mouth.  🥕😍


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈


Is the weekend over already?

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Re: DEER Sunday 02/25/2024

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That little deer does look so sweet and so much smaller  without his antlers if he is the one who left them just for you.Woman Happy

He does look like maybe he doesn't feel too well. I wonder if they feel so strange and bare after losing such magnificent

antler crowns. Or I wonder if it hurts.

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All of u ladies have quite a sense of humor about Mr Buck. Lol