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Re: DEER Saturday 06/26/2021

Smackin that tongue.  Did she get a carrot or orange?  Good to see you guys today.  Where is little Cricket?  Cricket loves to check out the deer.

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Re: DEER Saturday 06/26/2021


I look forward everyday to seeing the deer and am so happy when I see your post. That first picture looks like a new young deer just out of her(?) spots. They are all breathtakingly beautiful everytime! And they all are looking so healthy🥰

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Re: DEER Saturday 06/26/2021

The forest friends are looking so pretty in their closeups!  Those big eyes, each one posing like models for a nature magazine.  The does, bucks, fawns all giving us big smiles daily and and glimpses of nature which we welcome!!!!  So serene.

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Re: DEER Saturday 06/26/2021



The fellow looks as if he is signing with his ears!

Looks Like ‘Thanks to the Wick family!’

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Re: DEER Saturday 06/26/2021

Thank you, as always, for the very beautiful deer pics!  I always look forward to them at day's end as they make me smile and bring such a calming effect!


They are all so darling with their very innocent look.  HeartHeart

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Re: DEER Saturday 06/26/2021

@MamaWick   Thank you for posting your beautiful pictures, especially today.   There are such heartbreaking things happening in the world, so seeing these peaceful deer certainly help to alleviate the stress. 

Little nubbies of antlers, amazing!


Woofs and ear sckritches for sweet Cricket.  Hope she got in a few good naps and snacks today.  💕💕