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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022

What beautiful pictures.  The deer love that tall grass and I read it is one of the places the Does go to give birth.  Willow, you are such a cutie pie.

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022

My time for nature courtesy of MamaWick!!!!!  Of course love the photo of the buck relaxing in the tall wild grass, such a handsome guy! Each photo is appreciated and enjoyed whenever I am on this post.  It's a good feeling at the Haven.


The Princess Willow looks like she is set for her snooze and getting some fresh air in too.  Love that she keeps her toys close in case she wants some play time !  Delightful.


I would also like to wish all those who post here, all of us animal lovers a Memorial Day weekend filled with thankfulness, fun and peace of mind.  

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022

Love the "ears in the grass" shot.  thanks as always for your time posting these for us @MamaWick 

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022

Lovely photos.  Peekaboo I see two, or maybe it's a pushmepullyou!

The buck in the grass sems quite comfy.

Little Willow looks like she feels that she's been Framed in the first photo,  and hopeful she's made bail in the second!

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022

@MamaWick and everyone


May be an image of 10 people, people standing and text



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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022

@MamaWick- just answered you back in the PM on FB.  Just getting around to reading everything today.


Such beautiful pictures.  Again, we all need this to distract us and see the calm beauty.  Can't wait to see the baby fawns when they appear!


And sweet, precious Willow, relaxing on her cute and comfy bed.  Many hugs to the precious girl! Heart


@mousiegirl what an absolutely beautiful picture you posted.  I am sure they are all together holding each other's hand and now very peaceful for all they went thru.


Thanks to everyone who posted kind comments on my post.  At least we are all together here to comfort each other and enjoy all the beautiful pictures of the deer and precious Willow! Heart

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022

I hope you had some light in your life today.  I have been praying for you.


The deer are wonderful!  The third picture would make a painting!


Willow, you are always the princess of this thread!  Hugs!!!Smiley Happy

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022


OMG!  Love the beautiful photos today.

Photo 2 - how precious with the two deer in the high grasses playing peek-a-boo

Photo 3 - the handsome buck lying in the curled position .. pure adorableness.

Photos 3 & 4 - Sweet Willow:  I envy you the relaxing nap time in the outdoors with the sun shining on you.  Looks like something caught your attention.  Did one of your deer friends come to say "hi" to you?


Thanks for sharing.

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/28/2022

@MamaWick   Wonderful pictures of your deer.  Love how the have made Casa Wick and surroundings their home.  🥕🥕🦌🦌


Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White, so safe on her bed. Always adorable. 🥰


Woofs and love to sweet  Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈


@mousiegirl   Wow! I lost it when I viewed your picture.  🌈