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Still no babies from our group 😔













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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022



Wow what a picture!!

Come on babies-"Everybody get together try to love one another right now!"🎼🥰

Beautiful one of Willow too!💓

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022

Handsome bucks and lovely does, bringing their gentle spirits to the Wick's and knowing they are at a place of safety and care.  All of the deer who visit the Wick's are from the wild yet they are as tame as can be when at the Haven.  They have food, water, and most of all are at ease. It is a comforting feeling to see these photos filled with nature and kindness!


Sweet Miss Willow always in a cozy spot and enjoying her day.  Happy times at the Wick's!!!!

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022

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Such great photos...the one with the tongue hanging out---too cute...and I love how they have trust in you and hubby....


And sweet Willow looks like she's supervising the proceedings......

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022

I don't know what you gave him to eat but he sure loved it!  So cute with that tongue hanging out.  I just love these deer.  They know how to ask for food, they're not rowdy, they will wait in line for treats.  It is such an enjoyable experience and I am sure it is rewarding to feed them.  Hopefully, some of our Does will be delivering soon.  The last Doe that delivered was so smart to camouflage herself in the tall grass.  I never realized how big the fawn would be but I guess 3 or 4 lbs.  Willow, what are you up to?

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022

Aren't they beautiful.. Are those the boys? Are those the antlers growing in?  It is truly amazing how trusting they are... 

Hi Willow, how are you doing darling? Wish I were there with you..

Thank you for making my day...You are loved..

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022

All the beautiful pics as usual!  That one with the tongue out cracks me up!


Well, I'm guessing you and Papawick are going to have to play matchmaker to get these deer to hook up and have fawns!  LOL


And love and hugs to precious darling Willow!!  Heart

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022

The young bucks look very handsome! They are learning some beautiful manners!Smiley Happy


Willow, you are beautiful!  Hugs!!!Smiley Happy

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Re: DEER Saturday 05/21/2022

@MamaWick    I was wondering.  Do the deer you photograph have a particular breed name?   There are deer around here in my area in California...but they don't look like that.  There are some about. 2 miles west of me agoing into the mountain,, but they don't have that white ring around the nose or eyes yours have.    Just wondering