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DEER Monday 08/08/2022

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PapaWick and I will be leaving early Wednesday (08/10) and won't be back until Friday (08/19).  Going to visit out besties in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  So no deer pictures from Texas. There is a slight possibility I will get some in Wisconsin but they don't have nearly as many visitors as we do.  I might be able to do some Throwback Thursday pictures on both Thursdays we are gone.

















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We will miss your pics but have a great time.


Maybe your new neighbors will feed your babies while you are gone.

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Have a wonderful time!!!


That last photo is sooo cute:"Should I wake her or not??"!!!

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We will miss all of you, but, enjoy your visit!

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MamaWick, I hope you and PapaWick have a wonderful time with your friends - you so deserve it!!


How delicately that sweet buck is bending to eat the carrot. Everyone looks a bit pensive perhaps "feeling" your upcoming absence.


Sweet Willow is lovingly watching over her mother, ever alert.


All the deer (and we) will miss you! Traveling mercies and all the best.

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@MamaWick   What magnificent males!   Again fantastic pictures.  🦌🦌🦌🥕🥕🥕

Sending you, PapaWick, and Miss Willow White wishes for safe travels and a wonderful vacation.  Would love to see pictures of Wisconsin if you have the time.  

Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White.  Even while sleeping, her ears are on alert.  She is indeed a super watch puppy while keeping her mama warm.  🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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Thank you so much @MamaWick for the magnificent pics of the bucks and their racks.  I so enjoy the variety of the deer pics and appreciate your time and effort.  Here's wishes for a most pleasant trip and visit for you and PapaW (and Willow of course).  

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Haha-Willow says: "Shhh PapaWick-we are asleep!"😍


I hope the deer in the 3rd picture will be ok!-it looks like his antler is growing from his eye. Some of them have incredibly large antlers don't they?!


I'm glad you have neighbors next door who can be nice deer sitters when you go away💗

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Re: DEER Monday 08/08/2022

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 That rack is a work of art!  @MamaWick  Enjoy your friends and have a wonderful      vacation!

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What is with all the Bucks?  Perhaps they stay away from tHE they got pregnant and the Doe takes care of her new fawn and all the femail duties of a Doe that just gave birth.  At one time not along ago it was all Does.but perhaps the Does gave birth and the BUCKs and leave them alone.  I like the one Buck with the extra long tongue but so sweet.

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