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Thank you for the photos of the deer you share with.  New Buckley watching the carrots fly is amazing!


I do see what you did with the photo, you are such an excellent photographer, and nurturer.


Be Well, all of you.

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@candys mine. Yes, that is Smiley in #5.

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I just noticed the carrots -- up for grabs.  The  Buck is looking at carrots in the air "what's going on?"  These pictures are so precious.  No one in the world has the opportunity to see the deer in a relaxed mode like we do.  @MamaWick is feeding the deer with her hand.  This is really something I will always treasure.  I sometimes wonder how many deer are out there in the surrounding area.

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@MamaWick Oh, the beauties are out in full force.  

It amazes me how much I enjoy sitting and looking at the deer and wanting so much to reach out and pet them.  I will again thank you for posting these pictures for all of us to enjoy. Heart

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