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New neighbors had fence put up.  They are now feeding deer in their front yard.  The deer aren't happy;  they stand in our yard and look at the neighbor's.  









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Beautiful photos of the deer in the tall wild grass, always a treat and delight for me!!!!!  The forest friends are not used to fences in their habitat and roaming free is their way of life.  I am sure they will get used to the new environment and the neighbor's fence especially if they know they have food to eat and are cared for.  Where there is food, drink and kindness , the deer will be!


It looks like Princess Willow White snuggled in her royal blanket was on alert, I am sure she will soon be sound asleep, her favorite hobby!  Such a nice day for a visit to the Wick Haven!!!!!

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@MamaWick    Great pictures and Closeups.   🦌🦌. Thank you for continuing to take such good care of "our" dear deer family.  


Well at least they are still feeding the deer.  Don't know how high their fence is, but deer do jump and can jump high!  It's all a matter of time.  😁


Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White. Looking adorable as ever.  🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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Oh no, I almost asked you about this before. I was wondering if you had a no fence rule, or if fences were likely to go up in the future. 


That's really going to change the flow. I'm sure the deer aren't happy, with losing some freedom to roam around the homes. 

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@MamaWick So glad you are back!  Missed you.

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What a beautiful animal.  This Buck has a load to carry - beautiful antlers and you can tell he is an older guy but still comes on the deck for food.  How sweet.  I know @MamaWick will treat him well.  


Our little Willow is looking around maybe woke up from a nap. 


Happy weekend everyone.  Cat HappyHeart

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Holy moly, look at the beautiful bucks.... their antlers are gorgeous.... amazing... I wish I were there.

Willow you are adorable..  look at you, so happy that you are home.

Thank you for these beautiful pictures... I needed to see them today..... very sad today.

Love and blessings to you and Willow.

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How very stunning!  The deer are always an "Ahhh" moment!


Willow, you are a hug and a half Darlin"!!!