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Beautiful photos today.  Seems as though most of them are little ones today.  They look very talkative & anxious to get their treats.  I'm sure they all made your day happier.


Sweet Willow:  love your different poses while napping.  But, you know how adorable you are, don't you?  Heart


Thanks for sharing.

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I just had to come here to see some beautiful deer and Willow as the tragic events this week were horrible and got even worse today as I was informed in HR that one our employee's lost a child in Uvalde.  I just can't wrap my head around it and I'm beyond heartbroken.  


It' so comforting to see all the peaceful and beautiful deer and seeing precious and adorable Willow puts a smile on my face. Heart


Everyone out there, be safe!  

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No words to comprehend this heartbreak and grief.

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@PARedbird. I sent you a PM through Mama and PapaWick's Wildlife page on FB

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@PARedbird  I am so sorry....especially difficult when it is so close to home.  My prayers are with your employee...just can't imagine the grief of the family.  Just very difficult times for our country these days.  Animals and nature are healing..coming here and seeing the deer and Willow at peace is a refreshing break.  


Stay safe and I'm sure your employee will have a lot of loving support...just heart breaking.💕

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@MamaWick  Your deer pictures are wonderful.


  Little Willow looks like a little angel sleeping on her soft, fluffy