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Some shots from the other day.









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@MamaWick   Thank you for thinking of us and sharing your wonderful pictures.  Not only are they book worthy, but they would make great greeting cards.  🦌😍


Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White.  I just love all your pictures of her snuggled in your arms. 🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈


Hope you are enjoying quality time with your mom and family making memories.  Sending good wishes for you all.  

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What a beautiful doe!  So very lady like in the grass, and a beautiful face!


"Seepy time" for our lovely little princess Willow.  Nothing like a snugly nap!Smiley Happy

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The close up of the Doe is simply lovely!  What a sweet gentle face.  Also the photo of  the Doe resting in the tall wild grass, always a favorite environment !  It's a feel good post seeing nature's gifts at the Wick Haven!


Willow White snuggled in the arms of love, how content and peaceful she must feel, precious!

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The deer pictures are beautiful, especially the third close up.


Willow nestled so peacefully and angelically in your arms is proof positive of the love and strong bond with our beloved fur children. What a little angel.


Thank you for all of these wonderful pictures. I look forward to them each and every day.

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That beautiful doe! Such gentle eyes and sweet face.

I love how Willow's ear is sticking up in your face while she sleeps.

Thanks for these pictures always @MamaWick

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