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How blessed are all of you💓💓


I come to see your wonderful pics everyday because it shows such a wonderful connection between humans and wildlife...


I always love how they just "give ya the look of endearment"


These pics make my day🙂🙂thank you!!!


(Don't know much about deer but will they leave eventually or will they continue to come "home" to their safe place?  I've never seen anything like this & I grew up in the country -- the deer never stayed☹️)

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@homedecor1. I'm not sure.  This is only our second year here.  It was this past spring, with the pandemic, that I started really paying attention.  

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Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful pictures of your dear deer.  

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while.  All is good here, just work has taken up much time.   I did get to see your pictures, just haven't had the chance to write.   I will try and go back.  

Sweet Cricket, I haven't forgotten you.  Send woof, kisses, hugs, & nose licks.