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1.   Be happy for no reason, like a child.  If you are happy for a reason, you're in trouble, because that reason can be taken away from you.


2.   Negative emotions are like unwelcome guests.  Just because they show up on your doorstep doesn't mean they have a right to stay.


3.   In the midst of movement and chaos keep stillness inside of you.


4.   No solution can ever be found by running in three different directions.


5.   The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.


6.   Everytime you are tempted to react in the same old way ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.


7.   Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it's given.


8.   Bring into mind anyone whom you have grievance and let it go.  Send that person your forgiveness.


9.   Self awareness is value-free.  It isn't scary.  It doesn't imply that you will subject yourself to needless pain.


10.   Happiness is a continuation of happenings. Which are  not resisted.


11.   No matter what the situation, remind yourself, "I have a choice."

The moving finger writes; And having writ, Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line Nor all your Tears Wash out a Word of it. Omar Khayam
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