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@sharke wrote:

It's time and good luck to him.

Mary Beth will be next I predict.

@sharke- what else do you predict besides Jane Rudolph Treacy and Mary Beth leaving?


Have any hot stock tips? Woman LOL

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Anyone have the scoop is he staying in Pennsylvania ? Is he dating anyone ? I know Bob Bowesox moved to the Keys when he retired. Have to wonder if Dan is planning to move South as well.

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Best wishes to Dan Wheeler, as he begins the newest chapter of his life! I appreciate his many years of cheerful professionalism while hosting for QVC. 


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I will miss Dan, but wish him the very best of luck.  I doubt if he will be moving out of the area as others have speculated, as his grandkids live nearby and he appears to spend a lot of time with them.  I could be wrong, though.


One male host that I wish was still around is Dave James.  I really liked his presentation style and am still shocked that they let him go.  I think he would have developed into one of QVC's best hosts.

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@Topaz Gem, you are so right!  I thought Dave James had the same low-key genuineness that Dan Wheeler exemplifies.  Very likeable, and a real asset to QVC while he was there.  I remember him doing a Christmas segment with his two little children one year.  if I'm not mistaken, he also had a photography career going as well.

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Dan seems like such a nice guy and was easy to listen to.  Hope he enjoys his retirement.  

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I think he said once that he would stay in Pennsylvania because of family. He can always travel if he is retired because he won't be restricted  by his job. I'm sure he is financially secure or he wouldn't retire. I hope his health is good so he enjoys the next chapter of his life. He is kind,decent person , 

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Dan is my favorite host.

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When is the retirement show? Really like Dan Wheeler, be happy and enjoy your family.

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All the best to Dan Wheeler.  I liked him the few times I've watched.

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