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Re: Cut the Cable...a lot (but not completely)

@Buyornot7   The channels I get on the antenna would be in the daily newspaper listings.  My Sling has an online program guide.  On Netflix and Amazon Video, all the movies are listed and I just pick one.I

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Re: Cut the Cable...a lot (but not completely)

I don't blame you. I want to cut cable too since we have a smart tv. My husband doesn't want to.


We pay 212 dollars a month for cable/Internet/phone. I called for deals, well our (hicktown) cable company said we don't do deals, all prices are the same for everyone. Its the only cable company here (they need some competition!). We could get satellite tv but I heard it goes out here during storms, and the Internet that goes with satellite tv sucks. Had that internet before and it was out every other day! My daughter has Comcast and her bill is less than ours and she has every pay channel and all the sports channels!


In conclusion, all one needs IMO is Hulu and Netflix. (I could watch news online). So we keep paying because my husband doesn't want to cut it. 

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