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Just wondering why these reviews don't seem to have any bearing on presentation of items.  Yesterday I was watching a presentation for footwear and I  checked the reviews and they were bad but yet the footwear was being shown as an excellent buy.  I have gotten caught-up in these presentations and dislike the the lack of negativity

during glowing reports of how wonderful the item is.   

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Are you kidding me.....QVC should present an item and tell you it's negative points? I don't think they would sell a single item, nothing is perfect for everybody. Also, if an item sold 5000 units and 5 people did not care for it does that make it a terrible item? I read reviews and then make my own decision. You have no idea who is behind the review and why it was written.

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Reviews are very subjective and I find many that are irrelevant to me as far as color, size, taste, etc.  I will add that if an item is in stock, there's no reason it shouldn't be presented in a positive light.  They're there to sell, not stop people from buying something.  

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@dmeasy. Surely you don't think they could sell a product is the hosts described the negative feature of it?  They sometimes sell things they know are defective but will never say a bad word about it.  That's  the way things are done in retail.

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Only a small percentage of customers actually write a review. Most of the buyers are pleased with their purchases, but it never occurs to them to write a positive comment. Until joining this Forum, I never wrote a review either.


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This makes no sense.

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Re: Customer reviews

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I don't expect presenters to tell us that a product is "bad" or has bad reviews, but it would be nice if they told us shoes or clothing run small, or have tighter sleeves than other garments, or are sheer, things like that.   Would save on returns.


I have seen Amazon include in some item descriptions that the specific item gets a lot of returns, and to read reviews.


Amazon also say sometimes writes when shoes run small or big.


On garments, Amazon does not give enough information.  I wish they would offer garment measurements like QVC.  I saw one other online retailer offer garment measurements and was very pleased.


Garment measurements are the reason I buy most of my clothing at QVC.