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Well, I got a small book in the mail, and my husband and I sat here after our lunch salads and did one together.  A couple 3-4 were bad clues or something we have no knowledge of.  As in, Never Heard Of that Before!!!.  


But it was fun when we'd come up with an answer that did not fit!!! It was funny and he doesn't usually set for some of that stuff, but he always does these with me.  Amazing to me.  


Do you like crossword puzzles?  How abut Scrabble?  Word games?

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That sounds like fun, QualityGal. My dad was all about crosswords. Always one by his side stand. We located our Scrabble board this year. Hubs bought grandson a Chess game and is teaching him. I received a puzzle and may try to put that together. Have to be in the right mood. Have fun. 

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I like crosswords, acrostics, and word search puzzles.

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I really enjoy doing crossword puzzles.  When I was younger I always enjoyed playing Scrabble but now I don't have the patience for it.  


I also enjoy going to YouTube and playing some of the games that involve answering questions.  My favorites ones are those that involve vocabulary or spelling.   


I'm not one who enjoys playing video games but I do like puzzles.

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I always pick up easy ones at the $ store to do while watching TV. Also, do the ones in magazines and the newspapers.

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i love scrabble and word games. play them everyday 

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Interesting that this should come up.  Smiley Happy   In recent months I've been spending some time with crossword puzzles.  It's just another of the things I do to work my failing brain.


But, yeah, some of these clues/answers are so off-base I just don't get it.  Plus, I've had some answers that were misspelled words.


I've gotten a couple of mine from Amazon.  Currently working on a book of 300 crossword puzzles and let me tell ya - there are some truly weird clues/answers.  Good thing the answers are in the back when you do them by the book because I often have to fill in some of the ones that don't make sense just so I can figure out the ones that do!

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DH and I do the crossword puzzle in our local newspaper every day. If it were not for that puzzle, we likely would not even get the paper because it is so slanted.
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Yep. I have a subscription to the NYT Crossword puzzles. I can enjoyably do the Sunday one and the easier ones. The more difficult ones stump me sometimes. I just leave them unfinished. Looking at the answers feels like cheating to me. And when I print the puzzles out to do them, I always use mechanical pencil. I'm not bold enough to use ink.


I also have my computer programmed to open the webpage for the daily easy Sudoku puzzle from NYT every morning. When I have time to do it, it's a nice way to start my day.

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I do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper most mornings.  And during the day, I'm "addicted" to the jigsaw puzzles I do on my computer.  I could do those all day!