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Ever since those fire hazard issues with insta pot, I've stuck to my good old slow cooker. Love it!

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I used my 70's Sunbeam crocker, cooker, fryer until it died, then used a stovetop pressure cooker until InstaPots came out.  I have never felt the need for a slow cooker, and wouldn't use it if I had one.     

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Instant pots can:



Make perfect rice 

Has a stainless steel (not non-stick!) liner pot that you can get a good silicone lid for to store the food in the fridge.

Pot can go on stovetop to reheat

Boil eggs and make egg bites

Hold food on warm so you don't have to worry

Cook grains

Delay Start

Some steralize jars or other things

Take up less space than many slow cookers

Can cook food from frozen

Make yogurt


What do we make most often?  Eggs, sweet potatoes in a hurry, chicken, soup, roasts, rice (we have a rice cooker but if we are in a hurry use the IP), green beans, pork tenderloins (a good quick meal).  







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@IMFat wrote:
@ProudMa wrote:

Looking to purchase one or the other....Just hubby and I...but winter time stews and soups are our fav


which have you found the most useful...and get better results...



For 2 to 4 people.  I use both.  More with the Crock pot during the Winter.

If all you are doing is soups, stews, pot roast, chili,, beans, chicken, beef or pork ribs /chops, etc. then all you really need is a basic Crock pot.

I am still using a 35 year old 3.5 qt, Crock pot almost once a week.  All it has is High, Los, and off.  

I also have a 3.5 at. barrel style C.E. pressure cooker.

If you do pressure cook then an Instant Pot or pressure cooker is a handy.  It does a lot. At a cost.   

IMO, don’t pay for more than you actually need.

Good luck.







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@IMFat You know I have that Rival Crock Pot from my wedding shower in 1982...still works well!

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"Instant Pot" is a brand name for a category of appliances called digital multi-cookers. These machines combine a slow cooker with a pressure cooker, plus extra pre-programmed cooking selections that vary with brand and price. Miine is a ******or. There are several other leading brands.


If you have a multi-cooker, you won't need a separate slow cooker or rice cooker and you might be able to give up some other small appliances depending on what you buy.


Since slow cookers only do one type of cooking, I'd suggest you consider one of the more versatile multi-cookers like the Instant Pot. For two people, a 4 quart is probably all you need. You should be able to find a nice one for around $100. Of course, there are cheaper and pricier models, and you might spot a bargain on Q or Macy's or somewhere else. 

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Amazon Prime day is coming up and I'd be shocked if they don't have some IP's at great prices.

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haven't used my 2 crockpots since i got the Instapot 



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Re: Crock pot or Insta Pot

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I have both and never use my instant pot.  I prefer my slow cookers.  


I have 2 types of slow cookers.  One is very basic.  I have a Ninja slow cooker that can brown food such as meat and then I can change it to slow cooking.  

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@Sooner wrote:

@tennpal15 wrote:

I never was much of a slow cooker fan, but I love my Instant Pot ~ so versatile. 

@tennpal15  I agree 100 percent!  I'll bet I haven't used slow cooker 3 times in the last 4 years, but I use an Instant Pot probably 4 times or more  week!


We have a 6 qt. and a 3 qt. for the two of us and use them all the time!  Best thing since sliced bread!  The food is better and you can cook so many more things and it's not watery.


It cooks in steam in pressure, so I think it also cooks more evenly in the Instant Pot. 


If you like hard boiled eggs, they are always easy to shell in the IP!  

@Sooner  My husband keeps asking me to get an InstaPot, but not sure which one or what to make. You use yours a lot, and was wondering what meals you make in it? Also, what brand/model did you purchase? 

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Crock Pot for me.  I've never owned or had a desire to own an IP.  I purchased a regular pressure cooker several years ago.  Used it twice and off it went to Goodwill.

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