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Here's how coyotes travel in my neighborhood.   The ugly  cement block fences are very common, the coyotes easily jump up on them which allows easy access to multiple back yards.



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Oh my!  I never would've thought they could jump that high!  Thanks so much for sharing this picture!❤️

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Wow!  That is some photo!  Thank you for sharing!

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They really scare me, lots here in maine, seen some very big ones.

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Wow. Who would have guessed they'd turn the cement fences into a coyote freeway. Dangerous for backyard pets. 

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I guess ya gotta do what you have to do if you are a coyote....I don't blame them one bit. Every creature needs food. 

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There was a news story the other day, on KTLA channel 5, which had a woman walking her medium sized dog for an evening walk.  A pack of coyotes came towards her growling. Which, as far as I know is pretty unusual. I am guessing they were hungry.


She ran screaming with her dog. Luckily, a random neighbor heard her screaming, opened her door and allowed her and the dog to run in. It was all caught on the neighbors security camera. 

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Wildlife using man-made structures to get around. Like squirrels on power lines.

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We have had a family of them down at the very end of our property for a few years, they howl at sundown and my blood runs cold. My neighbor keeps a donkey specifically to keep them at bay. So many in our area are missing 'outdoor' and 'indoor/outdoor' cats . . . sadly I doubt they will ever come home.

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Re: Coyote Super Highway

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My daughter's neighborhood has an alert system-emails go out as soon as someone sees a coyote and to bring pets inside.

They are so scary but I also wish they had their own place to live and thrive without hurting domestic animals or humans.

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