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Costco is making some big changes in the face of the coronavirus pandemic ... the superstore is requiring anyone walking through its doors to cover their faces.


The new nationwide change goes into effect Monday, and the rules require all members, guests and employees to wear masks or face coverings that cover the mouth and nose at all times while inside the superstore.


Costco says members who do not cover their faces will not be permitted inside its stores.


However, the company says the mask policy does not apply to children younger than 2 or people who are unable to wear a mask or face covering due to medical conditions.


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this is already happening in our entire every store......and was issued through an executive order.

mostly it is enforced.

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@KingstonsMomIG I love it. As a member I got the email notice this a.m. and am really glad they are doing this.

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We've already been doing that in PA. for 2 or 3 weeks in all businesses that are allowed to be opened.

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That's been in place for two weeks or so in my state.


McDonalds in my county will NOT serve you in the drive-thru unless ALL PASSENGERS are wearing a mask. Found out today. Signs posted in many places and the FIRST thing they ask: "Are you and your passengers wearing a mask?"


If not, they tell you they won't serve you and to please get out of the drive-thru line. I was impressed! Wonder if other fast food places are doing this in my area as well.

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I think its a great idea. And I wish that more states were doing it.

My state is not.

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No drive thru's/stores in my state require this, I wish they did.

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So far, DH and I don’t wear masks in the drive thrus but wear them everywhere else (walk-in pick up orders, Sam’s, Walmart, Target, inside to pay for gas). 



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Yes, we know. This is happening everywhere!