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@Still Raining wrote:

Might want to check that church in La Grande, Oregon for a cautionary tale.  

236 positive out of 365 tests.



Wow! Scary.....


We are a small state and is one of the two outbreaks that put us on pause.  All they have out there is a 25 bed hospital.  

Take care.

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 You can be tested found negatiive and then exposed and go to church exposing others. They may have a limited congregation!

  Our church had two Decans who cleaned the church with wipes, etc before each service. One came down with the virus. 
  I pray at home!

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I'm planning to still wait a couple months before I go back to my church. It's just too much to deal with right now. I will continue to watch the service on line and mail in my offering. So I'm good for a while longer. 

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I honestly don't think God would mind if you prayed at home.

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My church decided not to open up to worship services in the church yet. It is simply too risky and we have a large at risk group of members.


We had good streaming services years before COVID-19 and have expending on that. For those who don’t have computers or internet, we offer grants and computers (and teach to use) so they can stay connected.