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I don't understand about using coupon codes. Can anyone explain. They seem to be from other stores but qvc has them on when you check out. Am I losing a lot of money? Dummy here.

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Re: Coupons

I don't think QVC puts out promo codes.


I never used any.



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Re: Coupons

HSN has coupon codes sometimes.  They are usually right at the top left of the home page in very small print "coupon code #####" however, some esclusions apply.  If you're on their email you'll get them also.  But NEVER seen one from QVC.

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Re: Coupons

I've seen them on other shopping sites but QVC doesn't give coupon codes.

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Re: Coupons

@halfpint1 , I was wondering if you figured out the mr. rebates?

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Re: Coupons

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           Last November I received a “we miss you” email message from QVC with a promo code to enter at checkout for a $5 discount.   I’ve seen other posts about similar promo codes...  I think that’s the reason for the option at checkout.


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