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Cooking classes online worth it?


They offer cooking classes from a few online sites. Panna, All Recipies and Americas test  kitchen. They are a subscription, monthly or yearly and Panna has a lifetime subscription. Has anyone tried any of the cooking classes? 


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Re: Cooking classes online worth it?

Personally, I would want the teacher's feedback from my lab work.  That reinforces the best learning unless you're doing a continuation of a previous skill you already have.

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Re: Cooking classes online worth it?

We have a friend (orginally from Okinawa) who is the best gourmet cook/chef that I know (that includes my son, a professional chef at a high end restaurant).  She learned to cook from Curtis Stone on television.  Where theres a will there is a way!

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Re: Cooking classes online worth it?

@Beautiful life  As long as you do not get locked into a subscription I would go for it.

All Recipes has a monthly plan from what I could find.


I used to find great tips from Food Network back in the day but seems that channel has changed a great deal.



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Re: Cooking classes online worth it?

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Many blogs have videos of how to make their recipes for free, but I noticed once I click on their sites I have to go to my email and "unsubcribe" to a lot of company''s ads that were advertised on their recipe site. 


Most of these are from the ones I see on my FB Newsfeed.  It's pretty annoying but if you know it's coming you usually only have to put up with it for a week till you are unsubscribed from those websites.