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Re: Complaining

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Suffering in silence to keep the peace seldom ends well. One can't expect improvement or change if what's wrong remains unknown to those who can remedy it.

Right, you can't fix what you don't know is broken.


I think Q should get right on fixing the problem of Pat's shiny shins now that it has been brought to their attention.


What...???Smiley Surprised

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Re: Complaining

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A complaint thread about complaining. 




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Re: Complaining

@CARMIE You said it the way I wish I could have,   There were complaints for years about all the models being a certain size.  QVC has added loads of new models of all shapes and sizes and the complaints still continue.  If I turn the Q on and find a vendor or host that I can't stand and won't buy from, I simply change the channel and save my money.  No amount of complaining will change the way certain vendors or hosts present, so why waste time complaining?  


Because I'm spending more time in the house and on the boards, I have noticed a few posters who take jabs at other posters threads just to say something snarky.  I have zero interest in the Royals, LOGO, most of the housewives shows, etc. so I never even look at those threads.  But I don't begrudge or complain about the posters who enjoy or start those posts.

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Re: Complaining

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Maybe we should handle complainers the way Moe used to Woman LOLtenor.gif

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Re: Complaining

OK then...


(I did not even notice Pat’s shins, actually I can’t believe anyone would even notice that except someone looking for just about anything to complain about. So, now we are looking people’s shins?]


If not shins, then it will  surely be something else.


I hope people don’t tear me apart too much. Not that I care what anyone really thinks anyhow, especially people I do not even know and their opinion means nothing to me.


People are critical for sure, taking it to the extreme.


I do complain about this, that,  or another thing - but I am not a nit pic about it, at least I hope it does not come across that way to others.

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Re: Complaining

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There seems to be alot of this on here,about all kinds of things, host, venders,animals on the set ,on and on.

The Standards of Participation have banned posting anything controversial. Since most topics that engage different opinions and are interesting are verboten here, there have been more "fluff" threads and this is what is left.


I still manage to avoid the negativity. Harder to do lately but I still enjoy my conversations here. 

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Re: Complaining

@Bri369 wrote:

A complaint thread about complaining. 




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Re: Complaining

I believe most of the complaints have been about the problems with shipping and processing of order.  There has been an increase.  It's legit. So people are frustrated.  There has always been complaints about the hosts, this is nothing new, including the vendors.  I saw one thread with where there were posts were mentioning animals of set.  This isn't an all the time complaint because this was the first time animals beside perhaps a dog have appeared on QVC.


Perhaps, the best idea would be to steer clear of those posts.

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Re: Complaining

Complaining- I was thinking about this as I went about my house cleaning. I know I’ve done my share ( of complaining)There does seem to be a lot more complaining lately maybe some of us are really not happy with the new ways at the Q. I know I don’t watch as much as I use to. Here’s my reasons - too many people on one show. I watched a Roberta’s garden show and there were four people talking at same time. Another is showing the same product 20 times a day. Maybe when we complain about the hosts it really could be we’re just irritated with the way things seem to be at the Q now. I’m not trying to start anything with anyone I’m just speaking for myself trying to figure out my complaints.

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Re: Complaining

@goldensrbest I agree wholeheartedly!  I was wondering if it was just me, who has noticed all the negative threads lately...many, about what I consider insignificant gripes. 


During my many years posting here, I’ve often seen an upswing in complaining around the holidays.  I attributed that to stress, and posters just needing to vent.  


 But we are way behind the holidays now, and the griping seems to be intensifying.  Don’t want to pick on new posters, but many of them are new, and post IN ALL CAPS and complain about Qvc employees being incompetent.  


I think its really gotten out of hand, and the posters who have legitimate complaints might be getting lost in this mess