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Re: Comments on current trends

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@Puzzle Piece I was thinking she meant the butt implants that all of the young people seem to be sporting or desiring

Oh.  How awful.  Have things come to this. 

@Puzzle Piece, what's so awful about people doing what they want with their own appearance?

@itiswhatitis Don't you think like so many others that the insecurities that females have about themselves has go to this level?  Yes, people can do what they want and they actually do what they want but I would hope it's not because they are made to feel insecure. 

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Re: Comments on current trends

@ChynnaBlue, well now I have no clue about what the OP is referring to.  Thanks.

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Re: Comments on current trends

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p.s.  Referring to my post re: my  wearing a tee under my spaghetti strap dresses, just yesterday I received an email newsletter re: florals from Old Navy.  On the  featured first page, 'low and behold', a floral 'slip dress' (spaghetti strap) worn over a white tee! ....

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