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I hope they will start publishing a catalog again.  A digital catalog on-line would be the best option.  Both would work.

I sure do miss their store especially the original version.  I agree that it wasn't the same after the company was sold.

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With the original owners I could always find something for any occasion.  Their  styles were perfect for me and I still have numerous pieces. 

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Well, I'm happy they're giving it another try, but I've lost interest.  There was a time when most of my wardrobe was CC.  When they came back that last time, their clothing was junk and overly expensive. I'm done.

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@beach-mom wrote:

@Cakers3 wrote:

@beach-mom   Same here with the original owners.  I still have a lot of their clothes and their petite pants always fit perfectly.


The travel knit was not a fave of mine but I did have a few pieces to wear when traveling.


The stores took a while to open in my area but I didn't mind the shipping back then because the quality and style were great.

@Cakers3 - I had luck with petite sizes too! I'm 5'3-1/2" tall, but I'm really long legged. For some reason their petites worked. I also loved and still wear their reversible skirts !  Smiley Happy

@beach-mom   I have some of those skirts, too.  They were so pretty and comfortable.  One thing I find with petites-I may be only 5'1"-ish but  some petites would be too small in the rise in other brands but not with CC.



I very seldom buy petite in tops, though.



The sales ladies in the stores were so nice, too.  You don't get that in other stores today.  If you can even find a sales person to help.

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I will always remember the bliss of the after Christmas sales.  I usually had a gift card.  The prices were outstanding!  Did it online, so they usually had my size and color available.  Sigh . . .

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I've posted this a coupe of times. The original store's velvet was some of the best I've ever seen. Anywhere. So glad I still have multiple items.



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