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Re: Cold rainy weather for weeks/months now!

mid atlantic here. we have not seen the sun for weeks,months. it has been raining really for over a year now. it just won't quit.

I too wonder is this global warming or just a freaky nature thingy. 


lousy spring this year. will this mean a summer of heat and humidity who knows. 


listening to news/weather while i am on the computer and guess what MORE RAIN AGAIN TOMORROW, heavy  rain for afternoon tomorrow.

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Re: Cold rainy weather for weeks/months now!

I'm in WNY and we can't seem to string 2 days of sunshine together.  Not much improvement this week but I keep telling everyone at least we don't have to shovel rain🤣

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Re: Cold rainy weather for weeks/months now!

I was watching our local news this morning and they said our rainfall so far is on par with what we had last year and in years past.  The difference is that in years past, we'd have all day rain and then have several days of warmer sunny weather, then another rainy day, then warmer, dry weather.  This year it's days of rain and one day of nice, then days of rain again.   


I walked out in our backyard this morning to feed the birds and was sinking into the ground.  Near the feeders is still all standing water.  By the time I left for work, the 2 ducks were out there flopping around in the water.  LOL 

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Re: Cold rainy weather for weeks/months now!

I'm in central Maryland and it's been pretty miserable. We've had a few mild sunny days but the rest has been rain and below average temps. We've had sixteen straight rainy Fridays, and Mother's Day and Monday was nonstop rain with temps just breaking into the 50's. Right now it's 57 and cloudy with a chance of more rain. It's supposed to get sunny and warm up by the end of the week. And I'm going to Ocean City next Wednesday, will be down for Memorial Day weekend...I'm hoping the rumors of sunshine and 70's are true, because apparently the Farmer's Almanac has predicted a repeat of last year's summer, with lots of rain. I don't mind rain here and there, but not for weeks at a time!

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Re: Cold rainy weather for weeks/months now!

Hi everyone.  I had my winter jacket on this morning.  I am in Nova Scotia.  Cold wet rain, almost snow.


Can’t believe how widespread it is, reading this post.


My brother lives in the interior of British Columbia and they are in the 30’s and the wildfires are out of control already this spring.  Yikes!  


This year, I am NOT buying annuals until it warms up.  Hate that in and out, in and out with the baskets.  


Hoping we all all get some sunshine soon!!!  ☀️☀️☀️LM