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Re: Coin operated public bathroom stalls.

I find public restrooms vary in cleanliness.  Not sure a pay system would stop some people.


I believe in Chicago they have put those portable toilets in certain places around the city.  How often they maintain them - I don't know.


Since COVID, I haven't been anywhere to use a public restroom!



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Re: Coin operated public bathroom stalls.

I also recall that toilets in some areas used to cost a nickel to use.   


Hmm.   I wonder how many people reading this post right now have any nickels in their wallets ... right now.  lol  Woman LOL

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Re: Coin operated public bathroom stalls.

I live on the West Coast and don't recall dirty restrooms in places that I went pre-Covid.  Now I just have everything delivered.  

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Re: Coin operated public bathroom stalls.

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Re: Coin operated public bathroom stalls.

It is an outdated way to segregate white and black women from the 50s. Pure racism in full view here. I never use them.
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Re: Coin operated public bathroom stalls.

@Spurt wrote:

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@J Town Girl wrote:

Before anyone starts to say negative things about this idea just read our experience from yesterday.


My husband and I were in a department store and he wanted to use the restroom.  He went in and came out in just a few minutes.  I wondered why.  He said both stalls were being used by what he assumed were two drug users.  He said he could see filthy dirty clothes on the floor and both of them had thrown their used needles on the floor.


Needless to say he immediately got out of there.  We mentioned this to an employee and he said it happens all of the time.  The stores just cannot control who uses their restrooms and they have to periodically close them and totally clean them of drug paraphernalia and dispose of all of the filth they leave behind.  


After our shopping trip my husband said I'm going to stop for gas and use their restroom.  When he went in to use it the clerk told him he couldn't because she had just disinfected it because someone had totally used the floor for a toilet and she had to bleach the entire room.  She told him I'm usually alone here and when these people come in she's afraid to tell them they can't use the bathroom.  She said she fears what they might do to her.  


Our final stop on our way home was to our pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  Usually we use the drive-thru but for some reason it was closed.  My husband said while you are getting your meds I'll use the restroom.  Nope again!  Both the men's room and the ladies room were closed.  The clerk told us that management has permanently closed them because of the things that go on in them.   He told us they have had to call the police to remove people who have set up housekeeping in them and refuse to leave when they are told too.  For a while they tried to keep them open by using a code that you had to get from the clerk but people became irate and the store feared for the safety of their employees.


By now it sounds like we live in a crappy area but I can assure it that we do not.  We live in a very middle class area of a nice suburb of a large city.  It is not a rundown area and our police try to keep the bad folk out of the businesses but their hands are tied and they move them out and within a short time they are back.


After seeing how bad restrooms have become in our stores I told my husband that perhaps we need to go back to pay toilet stalls.  Most of you are probably too young to remember them but you had to deposit money to get into the stalls.  


I know that sounds extreme but perhaps it would keep out the objectionable people who are intent on ruining everything for the good decent people.


I'm to the point where I don't even want to use a public restroom.  I have seen so many disgusting things such as used needles and used sanitary products just thrown on the floors of the bathroom stalls.  


I'm a compassionate person but it really saddens me to see the way society is going.  Perhaps we need to go back to the ways of the past.  I wouldn't complain of paying a small amount if it meant that we could be sure our public restrooms were clean and  drug free and safe for us to use.


For those of you who live in other part of the country do you encounter the same problems in your stores and public areas?


It might sound just awful to you, but men can do what they need to do (sometimes) without a stall.  I hope you get my drift.  Depending on where one lives makes it very practical especially if you drive.


The use of pay toilets might work for a while to hinder bad actors.  They will eventually break them though and cause damage to the property.  Trust.... @J Town Girl 




Invest in one for your vehicle

Sorry that doesnt time a group of us ladies were out and about taking pictures of the beautiful Texas wild flowers....we stopped at a rest area that had picnic table and we were going to stop and enjoy some soft drink we had in a cooler, but the minute we stepped out of my friend's van the smell of urine hit us so hard we immediately got back in the vehicle and drove off....and one of the ladies summed it up rather well...."MEN!!" So yes they CAN go anywhere and DO what they need to do, but that doesnt mean they should do that !


And those many would actually wait until they got home to dispose of the urine properly...

@Spurt  It does WORK.  It's just not that sanitary.  Men have been doing what I suggested for ions.  They won't stop because of smell.


Either that or cart one of these contraptions for emergency use and keep it in the trunk of the car.

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