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i completely agree with your well thought out post @gabstoomuch .

i also think it has a lot to do with the virus, people being out of work, people being home and not needing as much, people changing their priorities at this time, people being even more busy helping and caring for their loved ones.


i think that CS phone service being closed for one day is not a big deal at this moment.

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While it can be SO frustrating not to be able to reach customer service of ANY business during this time, or any time when we need them, I am just GRATEFUL for the other days and tines of the week, that they are available. Longer wait times are to be expected, and unfortunately, unavoidable. I appreciate the fact that we can email the QVCSocial team for assistance if or when we need to.😊 


Every fiber of our society has been directly, or indirectly affected by the virus. For awhile, AMAZON CS was closed and not taking ANY CS calls-I tried. Instead, there was a recording apologizing, and referring customers to the online virtual agent. It was easy, and canvenient.😊 



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@SeaMaidenThat's my life -  although I know my clothes will fit when the day comes that I need them,  That's because one day fairly early in the lockdown, the local paper ran an article with suggestions for parents whose kids were struggling.  One of the things they suggested was a fashion show in the house.


I just decided I'd do my own fashion show -  so at least every other day I've been creating different outfits from the too=many clothes I have and trying them on.  At least it gets me up and moving and I've surprised myself with some of the combinations that actually work.   No stylist needed!


And I've also found a few pieces to toss into a thrift bag -  although I can't imagine how long it will be until they will be accepting donations.

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I can totally understand staffing issues with the virus.  At least the Q posts when they can be reached.  Both Macy's and Amazon had a recording there was no phone help and go to the website for answers.  That's fine, but I couldn't find my answer on the website.  

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Their customer service was closed last Sunday as well.  I had to call in Monday several times after trying to speak to a live body and then getting disconnected. 


What I don't understand is everyone seems to act like ITKWD has the most viewers (that is why they push non-kitchen items during a kitchen show), and then get rid of your customer service....on the weekend?


I have a few ideas they can use to increase their sales...


Free shipping - if not to everyone, to those who make regular purchases, it's harder to get a new customer then it is to retain a current customer.  Or AT THE VERY LEAST, with a minimum purchase, like many, many, many other retailers do.


Fix your shipping issues - stop allowing UPS who then shows its delivered on the tracking, which only means that they delivered it to the post office, so add 2-3 days to the "delivered" notice. Obviously, this saves QVC $$ and doesn't help the customers.


Make multiple purchases worthwhile, such as buy one and each same item is free shipping on the same order.  Would be helpful and tempting if interested in multiple items in different colors. 


Let the vendors speak about the products instead of having the hosts either be non-prepared or go on and on about their personal lives, when they could be stating more details on the products and telling us where the items are made.


Make it more interesting to watch either on-line or live....."during this hour only, all items are special prices, or all items are free shipping", etc...  Make it worthwhile to watch. 


Make the TSV a REAL VALUE, not where you can purchase the same $100 item 2 weeks later for just a $1 difference. 


OK, rant over. 



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Really?  Economizing?  I don't use CS hardly ever anymore, but I did notice something last2 times.  Seems they use outside at home help as well .  I can tell when they are working from home.  Maybe they do this when CS is busy t answer calls.  But I can see  them having a shortage of employees.  Did you try calling back a couple times?

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Customer Service not being available for a day seems a very small problem considering what this country is going thru right now. 

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@San Antonio Gal wrote:

It seems odd that they would shut down completely as opposed to having a small staff available to help customers.  Customer Service (I'm assuming) is a work from home position so not sure why they would completely shut down.


@San Antonio Gal: I don't think they closed down completely. Customer service is still open but with a reduced staff. 

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Many places have cut back on hours and services.

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      My local 24 hour Walgreen's is now only open from 9am to 9pm.  The drive thru is open all night, but no entrance into the store!!  Changes reflecting the times in which we live...