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Re: Cleaning out parents house- so difficult

@gidgetgh, You get an A+, you did good kid!!! Glad you all got through it. Remember too, LITTLE STEPS. That's what it is isn't it? You did good!! All of you. Woman LOLHeart

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Re: Cleaning out parents house- so difficult

@mominohio wrote:



Just read your updated post, and so glad the day went well.


I had just one thought, but not to make it any harder on you, I hope. 


It sounds like he loved tennis, and played quite late in life. I was wondering if there was the possibility of using the rackets as wall art in his room. They could be hung in a group, and perhaps someone else with a little more creativity than me, could come up with an idea. About all I can think of is the rackets, and some pictures of him (maybe enlarged a bit) in kind of a display, rather than where one would usually put a painting or portrait. 


Don't know if I mis interpreted your post, but it kind of seemed like tennis might have either been a big part of his life, or some special escape or something for him that he was having a hard time letting go of.


His tennis rackets are gone- donated yesterday.  But in his room we have his two small trophy things for when he won local tournaments.  I thought briefly about hanging one of his rackets on the wall, but there really isn't very much space in his room at all.  I appreciate your great idea though.  We don't have any pictures of him playing.

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Re: Cleaning out parents house- so difficult

I went through the process of clearing out my parents condo after my dad died 4 years ago. My brother lived 250 miles away so it was all up to me. It actually was good for just me to do the entire job. My mom told me for years what she wanted to do with things so at least I was there to do as she wished. I'm a very organized person so I got their condo ready to be put on the market in no time. I felt it was very cathartic for me to do this for them.

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Re: Cleaning out parents house- so difficult

Like many others, I offer up prayers of peace and comfort for you, your family, but especially for your dear dad. I, too, lost my mom over five years ago, and was asked by my dad to remove her things. I think he could not bear to have her things front and center, knowing she would never be back. I am also one who has little emotional attachment to things, but it was still difficult going through her things. My dear dad is 84, and had heart bypass surgery 4 years ago. He's doing well today, but I certainly empathize with what you and your sister are experiencing with your dad. Pray about it, and know that me, and many others, are praying for you as well.