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I got one in high school and in undergraduate.  Both are too tight at the moment :-(  Decided to not buy one after grad school.


My mom told me some guy she dated never gave back her high school ring and I found out he lived near my college campus and I came this close to going to his apartment and asking for it back LOL

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Yes I have a class ring but I rarely wear it. My daughter wanted it so I gave it to her and she wore it in on a necklace. I had her fathers class ring too as he went to the school that I did. I also saved that for her and asked her if she wanted it but she did not. I still have it in case she changes her mind but I doubt that will happen.

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Oh, my.  At 66, I haven't thought about my class rings in decades.  I had a h.s. class ring, it had a green stone and I asssume it was the run of the mill class ring.  I didn't wear it long, a year or two.   I did not buy my college class ring.  By then I knew that I'd never wear it and it was too much money to spend for a keepsake that would live in a jewelry box.  Our college colors were green&yellow and the times being what they were; the girls' rings had yellow stones and the boys' rings had green stones.  

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 I graduated in 1962. I kept it in my jewelry  box for 50 years. Mine was made of gold so I sold it 2 years ago along with some gold and silver jewelry that was damaged. A bit off topic but I recently had many of my crowns in my mouth replaced. I sold 4 gold ones for $140 and used the money to help pay my co-pay for my new crowns (not gold).

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Yep, I bought my high school class ring back in my graduating year of 1972, still have it AND it still fits! Woman Very Happy

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I also got mine back in 1972 and I still have mine too.....but I don't wear it...

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Mine was mother of pearl from Ottawa Hills High School in 1963.  It resides at the bottom of a motel pool in Brownsville Texas.  Well, I assume someone has cleaned the pool in the intervening years. 

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I never really thought much of class rings. I think I wanted one briefly in HS but the desire disappeared quickly. 


I did buy myself a really nice ring as a college graduation gift but not a "class" ring. I'm pretty sure a class ring would have gone unworn. The ring I bought is white gold with diamonds and my birthstone. It has Art Deco detailing and I still love it.