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My family of 4 will absolutely celebrate Christmas in this house; we always have and always will.   


However, we will not gather with either side of our extended family for safety reasons.   My mom is 86, and my brother and SIL have serious health issues.   

The virus showed up in my daughters school on the 4th day after they opened in September.   Every week it's more students and teachers testing positive, and 2 of my daughters students were exposed on the school bus.  


We started this Thanksgiving break waiting on one students test results, so I absolutely will not gather with my mom or brothers -- unless WV has 70 degree temps and we can sit outside in my driveway!   

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@dulwich  ... what a beautiful inspiring post ... Happy Holidays to you & all 🎄🎅🏻🤶

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@dulwich  Kudos to you!!!  I am totally with you on this Smiley Happy

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I like that idea but it's not feasible for much of the country.  We live in MA so eating outside in Dec. is not an option.  And we respect the science and our healthcare leaders.  We see what is happening in other parts of the country and we do not want that to be us.  Our family and just about everyone in our cirlce of friends will do what we did for Thanksgiving, we will enjoy Christmas with the people live in our households or who we see everyday.  This is 2020 and we are fortunate that we don't actually have to be with people physically to have fun.  We had a dessert party with some family members yesterday; it was on Zoom.  We exchanged recipes a couple of weeks ago and we  all made something from that list.  We ate, drank our wine,  chatted and joked and had a great and safe get together.   A friend is hosting a Zoom craft party this Saturday.  They are going to make Christmas wreaths from small Christmas ornaments.  Crafting is not my thing and the list of supplies was $$$ so I'm not going to attend but I am sure the girls who do will have a great time.  In normal times, they would have gathered at someone's house to do this.  Some of us are thinking about  making Christmas cookies together virtually.  Even with a vaccine, this thing is not going to end anytime soon so we are all making it work.