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one of those pre lit deals then I added , purple, pink and red mini rice lights

Can't  find rice lights  any more. Love those things.



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It’s beautiful..... MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅🏻🤶🎄

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I love it, it’s beautiful @SharkE 


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Beautiful.  You did a good job.  I put my tree up on Black Friday. We had a six-foot tree for years but it was looking bad so the few years prior to buying one around three & half feet, I started to purchase Victorian looking decorations in anticipation iof having the little tree.  Now we just love the little tree and i put my little decorations on it, and it is easy to put up plus put away.

Enjoy the holiday.

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Very pretty and festive.


I enjoy seeing everyone's holiday decorations.

""But tell me where do the children play"-Cat Stevens
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Looking great, @SharkELove your shimmery "pinwheels" especially!

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Hobby Lobby they had a whole row of gold do da's.  I was in hog heaven





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Re: Christmas tree is up

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::::sneaking into @SharkE 's home::::trying not to knock over any red appliances:::::bypassing the fresh rolls made for church tomorrow:::::  picking off the swirly ornaments one by one ala Grinch:::  poink:::  poink::::  poink :::::tippy-toes out the door ala Fred Flintstone::::  dink  dink::: dink::  disappears like our bank accounts pre-Christmas :::  zipper sound::::