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With the stores pushing christmas,have you heard any christmas music being played in the stores.
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I haven't been inside a store since March.  At that time, they were airing "April Showers" over the intercom.

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@millies daughter 


I haven't been in a store since March. However, 1 of our local FM radio stations starts their Christmas music the 1st of November.





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@millies daughter  Not in stores, but SiriusXM is playing Christmas music on the Hallmark station.

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Have not entered any store at all since mid March.  They couldn't tempt me any kind of music.  

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I have not been in a store since January (I am an online shopper) but I place Christmas music off and on year round.

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No, but I'd welcome it to the horrible sounds (I don't call it music) we have to shop with.  I sometimes get out as quickly as I can to avoid their noise!!!

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For me the most nostalgic is and always will be "The Living Strings The Sounds of Christmas!"  


I love that album.  It is VERY retro and is available on ITunes.  

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@millies daughter I went to Kohl's around Oct. 15 to return an item I purchased online.


   Christmas music was playing in the store.  I said to the woman who handled my return that I thought it was kind of early for Christmas music.  She agreed with me. I said by the time December rolls around you will be tired of hearing it.  She agreed also.

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Perfectly fine with me 24/7/365, and 100 times more this year.