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Christmas cards - frustrating!

Ok, so I send out Christmas (or holiday) cards each year. Usually I buy a couple boxes of the same design at the end of one year to use the following year. Then I just do my holiday letter, sign the cards and send them on their way.

Well, this year I fell for some of the cutesy Christmas cards from Q - the pop-ups and the embellished cards. As an aside, I won't order these types anymore - some of them are heavy and thick enough to require additional postage!! I had to weigh each one to be sure. {#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

Anyway, now it's taking me so much longer to get my cards ready because NOW I have to sort through all the different styles and designs to figure out which one to send to whom!!

Oh well...I know this is petty and I'm glad this is all I have to worry about...but I just wanted to share! {#emotions_dlg.devil2} {#emotions_dlg.devil2}