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Christmas at Q changed by the price of gold and silver

I have been watching Q and things sure have changed this Christmas season. I remember all the gold and silver shows that had cute things that didn't cost too much and made nice gifts. Now with the price of gold and silver, Q has to charge so much for the jewelry that they can't offer things that came in packages of 4 or 5 in cute boxes. I really miss having those type of gifts. I have lots of jewelry that were one time onlys at Christmas and TSV.

Now Q has to fill the jewelry spots with purses, Issac, Bruce and so on. I can not afford so many of the TSV's anymore and they seem to have the same ones over and over. Q is going to have to reorganize and find something interesting to fill the jewelry spots. They don't even have the cute toys and silly items for gifts that they use to have. I know I have done very little shopping on Q this year, since the channel is boring.

But it is not just Q, how many watches can ShopNBC sell? And the junk jewelry that HSN is selling. Times have changed and the shopping networks are going to have to adjust or they will be out of business.