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This post is not against QVC but please remember that once a package leaves their or the vendors warehouse they have no control on when it will be delivered. Weather and volume can and does create issues.


QVC always promises if something is ordered using a credit card it will get to you in time for Christmas.  This creates such bad will toward QVC when it doesn't arrive.


I hope everyone will remember this warning but I'm sure the posts will pour in about being disappointed in QVC because someone didn't get a present.

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I have been more than pleased with the delivery this past week. Turn around time has been 2 days, can not beat that.

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I'm sure you are right, hopefully people will learn from last year and not wait to order. The Q does need to make sure packages are packaged securely so they have less of a chance of damage and of theft. They have more money than brains if they continue to mail out expensive jewelry in those bubble envelopes.

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Q does the same thing every year at this time, and on closer to the holiday, promising things that simply aren't going to happen for some people. 


I think it not good business practice to make such promises, especially that last week, but people (mature adults) should be aware enough to know if you wait that long, there are the possibilities of unfulfilled expectations. 


Christmas comes the same time every year. Leaving shopping till the 11th hour is simply inviting stress and disappointment. But people continue to do it. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're getting. 

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I do think the hosts should stop "guaranteeing" that which can't be "guaranteed." Therein lies the rub.
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I really can't complain about the Q sending out orders.  Have been having pretty good delivery of the things I have purchased recently.  They are really trying....and for that I give them credit.


But if anyone waits until this late to order Christmas presents and haven't received them in time.....maybe they need to rethink things for next year.  


Heck, ordered 2 separate presents from The Popcorn Factory late last week, and they were both delivered today.  They sent me an email telling me that they had been delivered.  That's pretty good service.  


And 2 days ago I ordered a few more things (goodies) from The Vermont Country Store, and should be delivered to me by the end of the day on 12/19.  And I bet I get that box a day or so earlier.  That box has one thing in it for me.....a small Christmas tree that lights up using 2 AA batteries.  Will be putting it on the top of my TV in the living room.  Only Christmas thing I will have out.  Will be easy to store for next year.  

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depends mostly on who is delivering it and where it is going; unfortunately USPS has been getting a lot of packages from other companies like DHL and although things ship quickly....they can spend days traveling around or just sitting in a truck before they make it to your area. Don't forget shipping and delivery are not the same!
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Good advice.  I tend to use my common sense and I don't believe any retailer's dubious claims about Christmas delivery because they cannot account for weather or volume or manpower.    I don't expect to receive anything I buy online after 12/17 before Christmas and I don't care what promises the retailer makes.  12/17 is my deadline but all my Christmas gifts are already in the house or.  Hubby mailed the Christmas box to his parents this morning.  Yes, the complaints from people who ordered something on 12/20 and don't received it before Christmas will come pouring in on 12/26.