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I witnessed two young girls about 3 and 5 years old who came to the salon with their mother and grandmother.  As soon as they got there, the little girls took off their shoes and proceeded to run around.  The mom was in the chair getting her hair done, the GM was sitting in the waiting room.


i told the GM that the girls should not be without shoes in the salon because they couldn't get a hair splinter in their feet.  I explained that they were very painful and hard to remove and even see.  She made the girls come back and put on their shoes.


The very next day, I got a hair splinter in my foot.  I guess that's what I get.


There are many dangers in a salon.  KIds should be left at home if possible and babies should never be allowed in.





Learn something new every day ..... never heard of a hair splinter, so I looked it up.   All I can say is ...  ew.

Hairdressers and barbers know all about them.. from experience.  Ouch!

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If it isn't against state regulations, it isn't anyone's business nor is it appropriate to confront other patrons.

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Re: Children in nail salons

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Eh, not really a big deal to me. It's easier to have a baby in there than to corral little children. For some moms, that might be their only treat for themselves and many don't have family or anyone to sit. It can be isolating and less than glamorous being a stay at home mom so I've never thought to look askance at anyone who spends 30 mins or so in a salon while their babies are asleep to do something that gives them a little lift.  

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Innocent, tiny lungs shouldn't be exposed to harsh fumes.  It's bad enough for sensitive adults, let alone babies.  Well, not much we can do about it, unless there are much needed child protection health laws in effect.

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Back to this whole salon thing, this is just the tip of the iceberg as we know. These dangers are not as known as others are today like smoking so awareness is needed. 


I don't go that often, and I don't think I've ever seen a baby or a toddler there, but I do know two long-time technicians had to leave and get other jobs because they could no longer deal with the fumes, and their eyesight was being affected by it.


I go to the owner of the nail salon for pedicures. She will not do acrylics or gels. I usually do my own manicure, but I have tried gel nails for vacations two or three times. Another technician has done my manicure.


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That'snot good at all about the chemicals OR the cigarettes around children (and I quit years ago but when I smoked it was NEVER around my children or grandchildren).


I might add, I don't use nail salons. I went one time with my adult daughter when she got her nails done, and I got sick from that smell. She wants me to go get my nails done with her when my son gets married next year, and I said sorry no way!

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You are all so right.  My kids are lucky to be hitting 60,s and me 80,s.  We were all products of a era of chemicals.  We did have fresh not frozen foods though.  Home cooking, not fast foods in my era. Home cooking for them also, and  once a month treat at MICKEY D.  We played outside, and didn,t sit all day.  

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I'm so glad I do my own nails in the privacy of my own home. Woman Happy

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@SydneyH wrote:

If it isn't against state regulations, it isn't anyone's business nor is it appropriate to confront other patrons.

I think the salon owners have every right to have a rule about children under a certain age not being allowed in the salon.


But I do agree that I would never approach another patron or say anything if they brought their baby to a salon.  I would think to myself what an idiot they were but I wouldn't say anything.