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@Suziepeach Lol! 


Yeah, we'd hear "This is Officer so and so requesting back-up at the nail salon.  There's two of them!

LOL... Be on the look out for twenty little piggies, last seen running down Main Street......  yep we need back up fast!! 

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Re: Children in nail salons

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Eh, not really a big deal to me. It's easier to have a baby in there than to corral little children. For some moms, that might be their only treat for themselves and many don't have family or anyone to sit. It can be isolating and less than glamorous being a stay at home mom so I've never thought to look askance at anyone who spends 30 mins or so in a salon while their babies are asleep to do something that gives them a little lift.  

@GenXmuse, I agree.


I don't mean to sound callous or ignorant, but you just can't wrap babies & kids in bubble wrap.

Yes, breathing in fumes is bad, and definitely not good for an infant or anyone else, but how fortunate are we that 1 or 2 hours in the fumes of a nail salon is the issue here?

Many countries aren't so lucky!


Awhile back I was having a pedicure, and a mom was there w/ her Kindergarten aged little boy, & they were both getting manis/pedis.

She asked him 'So, what color do you want this week?'

When they were finished, her husband came and picked them up.


To me, that was more disturbing than bringing your baby along to get a manicure.





I find it disturbing that a child would be allowed to get a mani/pedi at all.  There are so many dangers in getting them in a salon.  


When I go to the foot doctor with my sister, who is diabetic to get her toe nails cut, I tease the doctor about bringing a bottle of polish in for him to " paint her nails"


We got to talking about nail salons and I told him that I used to do mani/ pedi's years ago and how I feel about the salons of today.  


He said he could tell me horror stories about people who got infections in salons and ended up with amputated toes among other things.


I had a coworker who picked up an infection in a nail salon and she almost lost her finger.  It took months to heal.


i remember having to learn all of the nail diseases and disorders in beauty school.


Personally, I would never get my nails done anywhere.  The danger is really there and bad things happen more often than you could know.


if you do get mani/ pedi.. make sure the technician is licensed and that the water basin is sterilized, not just emptied and rinsed  between clients along with the nail equipment.  You should also have a new file each and every time, not a used one.




I'm with you, @Carmie


I've heard and read too many horror stories over the years to feel comfortable getting my nails done, not to mention my own experiences.  It took awhile but I got good at doing my own and I get complements all the time.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

The general public unfortunately is filled with ignorant, self-centered people. 



I used to be that parents sacrificed for their kids no matter what the situation was.  Now it seems that the kids have to sacrifice so as not to infringe on something that makes the parents happy!. A co-worker bought a food stamp debit card from a friend (most states do not require an ID to use the card) this was so the friend could go out partying and clubbing (this card was meant to feed the woman's children)--how selfish was that!!!   And as in this thread taking a baby into a chemically filled nail salon---what's more important polished nails or a child's health!!! (sarcasm).....SELF-CENTERED is certainly what these peole are! 

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@Moonchilde wrote:

I'm surprised by this thread. Maybe it depends on where you live, but I was born and raised in the second largest metropolitan area in the country, and now live rurally where most businesses serve a working class. I have never seen a baby in a nail or hair salon. Children, yes - from maybe 4-5 to 9 or so, but never a baby.


It wasn't routine to have age signs in the salons, but salons did have them; they set their own policies. Some said No Children, period. Others said no children under 6. Still others said children only when they were having a child-version mani or pedi. But babies? No. I never saw this.


I hasten to add I'm not doubting it happens, but a bit surprised, judging by this thread, that I've never seen it anywhere I've lived.


I've never seen a baby in a nail salon either.  I haven't even seen children, other than those having mother-daughter pedicures or something along those lines.

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I witnessed two young girls about 3 and 5 years old who came to the salon with their mother and grandmother.  As soon as they got there, the little girls took off their shoes and proceeded to run around.  The mom was in the chair getting her hair done, the GM was sitting in the waiting room.


i told the GM that the girls should not be without shoes in the salon because they couldn't get a hair splinter in their feet.  I explained that they were very painful and hard to remove and even see.  She made the girls come back and put on their shoes.


The very next day, I got a hair splinter in my foot.  I guess that's what I get.


There are many dangers in a salon.  KIds should be left at home if possible and babies should never be allowed in.





Learn something new every day ..... never heard of a hair splinter, so I looked it up.   All I can say is ...  ew.

I never heard of it either, and I also looked it up!


I've never had one, and never heard anyone talk about it.  I had no idea such a thing existed.  

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@Cumbercookie13 wrote:

There are certain places where young children shouldn't be at, and nail salons are one of them. Not just because of the chemicals, but because parents can't properly supervise when they're getting nails and toes done. I understand, especially for single parents, that they may not have someone else to watch their kids when they want to go out and get things done, but in the end safety is more important than pretty toes and nails. 

I agree. Before I opened this thread, I thought it would be about children misbehaving while waiting for parents to have services done in a nail salon.  And my comment was going to be about how unfair it is to children to force them to sit still and "be good" in a place that has to be incredibly boring for them.  It's not fun for a child to sit still with little or nothing to do, so it's not surprising that kids get restless.  And it's a recipe for disaster when Mommy's nails are wet or she's in the middle of a pedicure and can't do much to supervise, correct, or divert her children.


So apart from the chemicals, unless a child is having a mani or pedi, nail salons are not great places for them to be.  And I agree with you - Having nails done is a luxury, not a necessity.  It shouldn't ever be more important than the welfare of a child.

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@LTT1 wrote:


You got it! Kiddos can learn interpersonal communication skills, sharing, exercise and cardio, creative play, and be tired for bedtime.

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What a selfish mother.......tut tut