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Re: Children are Silent Spreaders of Covid Virus

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@Porcelain, I'm so sorry to hear about your family, and I wish them a complete recovery. Heart

Thank you, @suzyQ3 . I wish continued abundant health for your family as well. Heart 

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Re: Children are Silent Spreaders of Covid Virus

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@mimom  Are we talking here about age defined for insurance purposes? I guess I'm pulling my definition from child development literature rather than statutory guidelines. A state might well define someone of 24 as being a child, but most would probably not tend to agree, especially given that 18 is pretty universally accepted as the 'age of majority' and the age to begin voting... And, of course, 21 is the minimum age to purchase alcohol and, in some places, to gamble...

@stevie No the upper age had nothing to do with Insurance purposes.  You can google the Article 100K children infected with COVID 19 in 2 weeks.  There are quite a few articles out there.  The classification is based on how each individual state is classifying based on age.  The articles mention that each state defines "children" differently based on age which can be up to 24 in some states not 18 which is what I would expect.


I agree when I see the word "child" I picture something completely different.