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Re: Childhood Bedrooms

 my sister and i shared a room. we did not get along. she would sneak up on me at night.  oh we tried to draw a line in the rug to keep each other from trespassing.  after i left home she got the another room that that had been renovated.


  as we grew to teens my parents furnished our room with Ethan Allen desk and tall, solid cherry cabinet/ bookcase units, one with a drop leaf desk for my sister. i guess EA furniture was a good brand.


when i married i asked for my desk and bookcase to help furnish our new home  Oh NO they said, that's for our living room now!  And there the units sit today, outdated yet sturdy, home to my mothers collection of duck decoys, pitchers and tshochkies. 

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Re: Childhood Bedrooms

After my parents died and the house was to be sold, I had to clear out my bedroom that had remained the same since I'd left for college years and years before. It was like a time capsule, notes  from old boyfriends, photos, yearbooks, letters, old makeup, clothing... It took me back and I felt just like I had back then. It was both pleasing and bittersweet. I'm glad my parents kept it for me, just as it was.

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Re: Childhood Bedrooms

I don't think my car was out of the driveway when I went to college until my mother completely redid my room.