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Most of the time I try and get cash for the amount I want to give.  I still write checks, I just don't like checks floating around out there, possibly going uncashed.  If a check gets misplaced, I have to either pay to put a stop payment on it or take the chance the original is found and also cashed. 


I don't know any children who don't have a bank account.  Most are set up because pretty much from infancy, at the christening, the child will receive money and checks.  The accounts obviously are custodial accounts so the parent or guardian can deposit into the account without issue.


I use a local savings and loan.  We do not have the option of depositing checks via an app on the phone.  I have to physically go to my bank to do that.  My bank also has an agreement with only a few banks, none of which are convenient, to be able to use an ATM that isn't my home bank's.  I was going to use the ATM across the street from work and between the fee Key Bank was going to charge and the fee my bank was going to charge, it would have cost me an extra $7.50 to withdraw money.  I left without doing so.