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Re: Century Link Door-to-Door Solicitors

I rarely answer the door anymore unless I can see it's one of my neighbors if by chance I do I have my hundred pound best buddy with me, cuts the conversation real short.

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@Kachina624 We've also had those Century Link people go door to door in our area. My husband called Century Link and they told him that they work for a third-party vendor who goes door to door on behalf of Century Link. I haven't seen them for a while but they're extremely pushy and rude.

@HSB1204   I had surmised that might be the case.  I can't imagine anyone sending employees out with no ID in this day and age, especially since they're asking to enter your home.  I guess they think we're really stupid.  These people are really hurting Century Link's image.


@Kachina624 I agree. The last time they came to our house my husband called and complained about them and their behavior but apparently they're still sending them out. I don't see how this could possibly get Century Link additional business.