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Their relationship is delightful. 

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I think it's been well publicized that the younger Bushes and the Obamas are good friends, as well as Senior GW Bush and Bill Clinton are friends, and Joe Biden and Senator McCain were very close friends.

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Amazing what we get to see without all the background noise of the commentary is wonderful!
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@ShowMe wrote:

One thing I have always liked about GWB, is the twinkle in his eyes.....a little bit of a stinker too.....

@ShowMe  I agree.  Would love to sit and have a coffee with him.



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It's wonderful to see the friendship that has developed between them. It goes to show that no matter one's political beliefs and actions, one can still like, respect and have affection for another. It's something those who will not allow themselves to experience will never know the joy of.

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Love this!  Thanks for sharing Smiley Happy

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