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Carolyn - you look absolutely georgeous today in your show with Jamie.
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Peggs~If you had posted this under Carolyn's FB page, you would have had a much better chance of her actually seeing it.

....btw, I love her haircut!

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I love your hair short. You look 10 years younger. We all like longer hair but sometimes it works out better shorter. I did have a question, is your hair very thick? I would love to wear my hair like that but I have lots of fine hair. Don't know if it would work. Also, what products do you use to fix it? Ps, hope you are feeling better.
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Carolyn looks beautiful in the photos on her Facebook page. She looks so much younger and fresher. 


Hurry back soon!

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She is now sharing on her blog what kind of surgery she had.

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lulu, thanks for mentioning the blog!


Wow, what a brave woman she is.  Carolyn Gracie, from all I know, you did the right thing considering your family history. 


I'm so glad to know you have such a wonderful support group Heart

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So happy Carolyn's surgery was successful.  Looking forward to her return to the Q.

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Her blog is available to all.

Title:  "Taking Care of Me (For a Change!)" - in Blogs & Forums

link goes to:

I think it's a great post, and I send prayers and good wishes to her.

The last paragraph in her post is a wonderful reminder to all:

"My message to all of you is to please TAKE CARE OF YOU. It is so hard for us women to do that simple thing. We always worry about everyone else and put ourselves at the back of the line. Please start today, to change that mindset. I know sometimes we may put off going to the doctor for one reason or another there’s no reason not to. There is every reason to take care of yourself. That husband, those kids, grandkids, furry kids and friends. All those who love and need you in their life, would agree with me. Be brave. Be smart. THINK PINK."


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