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Yes I will.  I have never done a Christmas Letter.  

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I just bought photo cards with pictures of my cat and granddog.  I only send out 12 but they only sell them in 10 card intervals.  Who knows what I will do with the remaining 8 cards. 

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I send out fewer cards every year, and of course we are getting fewer cards  I might be down to sending about 6.  It was a task I never ever enjoyed.  But there are a few people I want to be in touch with. My niece, very elderly friends, etc.


I always resented cards from people that I don't hear from often, but they don't bother to write two lines about how they are, what they did in the past year, etc.  What's the point?  All I know is they are still alive.   


That said, there sure are some beautiful Christmas cards available.

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Yes, I am. I am sending 50. I have them addressed and stamped, etc.  


I will say that I think this is going to be my last year to send them though.

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I do send a small amount of cards out to those I don't get to see often or who live a far distance.   I usually add a small personal note to each card.   

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I send out Christmas cards. I would never in a million years send out one of those newsletters. I know a woman who does it every year and she just goes on and on about herself and her kids.

She sent me one the first Christmas after my Mom died and it was the last thing I ever wanted to receive during that most difficult time. So self absorbed and completely insensitive.
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I have a handful of people that I will send Christmas cards to as I do every year. I cut way back on it and I have an account with one of the electronic card companies that I use for birthday's and other times.  I never have to worry about anything being lost in the mail.

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Always send to family and a few close friends. A short note to each, no long boring "letter" from me. 

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Re: Card sending poll....

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We will send out a total of about 15 cards this year. I generally don't do it every year, but usually every other. I send to family and friends out of state that we won't see during the Holiday Time.


I do love receiving cards as well. Christmas Cards are alwasy so pretty.


I dislike the letters, to me they sound too braggy. I only receive one of those every year, and since all of their kids are grown-its a lot less braggy.... 



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Yes, I like receiving cards and sending.