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Re: Car Buying Stories Anyone?

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@kivah wrote:

I'm also a female and not educated in buying a car. I learned if I'm not happy with the salesperson, I walk out. I did that last year when I went to a mattress store in my area - I just didn't feel comfortable with the salesman - so I went back to the mattress store where I purchased mattresses in the past.

Car prices are always negotiable - and it sounds like u were alone with the salesman. Just a bad idea.

I purchased a pre-owned Honda Civic 2-1/2 yrs ago but I knew the salesman as I had rented him a room in my house several years prior. 

Like someone else on here said: the best place to go is Costco for a car purchase - new or used. Once u know exactly which car ur interested in, you meet with the manager (eliminates the salesmen's commission). I believe the price is still negotiable with the manager.


LOL! "meeting with a manager" does not eliminate a salespersons comission..Salesmen, whether you sepak to them or not, DO the deals, Managers do not do the mundane paperwork which  IS "the deal"..and guess what?! Managers work on a type of comission too! 


Lets face it, car dealerships are businesses..If they do not make a profit  they do not stay in business..The less dealerships that exist, the MORE the few remaning will be able to charge, since there will be no where else to go..


On a typical Chevrolet Work truck, the diff between the invoice price and hete MSRP is a lot lower than you mightt think, on a 1500, its about $500, on a 2500 about $1200,,its not thousands and thousands of dollars, like many people think..


and Used Cars? say retail pays too much for one that is traded in..the person trading it got top dollar..How much more  over"top dollar" (lets just use Kelley Blue book as an example) can that same dealer expect to get once they recondition, smog and safety that same car?  The profit margin is not so great on a car like that..The dealer hopes to make it up in an extended warranty, GAP insurance an alarm, the interest rate, etc...


BTW, , fewer dealers are using the Kelley Blue Book as the standard. most are using hte  Black Book these days...which is much more realistic-



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Re: Car Buying Stories Anyone?

@Mothertrucker  Thanks for your posts. You know the business. It's obvious you are a dynamic team member for your salesteam. The dealership must be very, very proud of you and the integrity you show for yourself and their company! I'm proud to know you sell the best trucks in the business.  

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Re: Car Buying Stories Anyone?

I have no complaints. In April I bought a brand new Buick Encore. I got a great price and many perks, plus a great warranty. I love my new car and the way it handles. 

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Re: Car Buying Stories Anyone?


just wanted to say THANK YOU to you for your kindness. yours was the last post I had time to read that day and it DID make me feel better. i still havent had time to read the rest of the posts but am a little afraid since reading some of the mean answers!

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Re: Car Buying Stories Anyone?



What did you decide to do? I am not sure which posts you are referring to as mean. Did my post seem mean?



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Re: Car Buying Stories Anyone?

The last time we bought a car for me was 2003. The first dealership we went to was one of the worst experiences we ever had. We were ready to buy the car. The salesman wanted us to take a loan. We said no. We had a better source. He began to say just for six months. We sai no. Three months. No. He called the manager. He was hard core. I became quite nervous. He acted like a hood. I said are you a Goodfellow. He said yes then quickly said no. I got up and walked out. More pressure in the lobby. I walked out with husband. Called the next morning. We had bought it elsewhere. Still have the car.

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Re: Car Buying Stories Anyone?

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Fifteen years ago, my husband and I purchased a Hyundai Sonata new from the dealership.  Long story short, the salesman fudged the original amounts but mainly the trade-in amount making the deal different than what was agreed upon.  We didn't pick up the mistakes until about a week later when we were reviewing the paperwork more indepth.  Long story short, they wouldn't change the trade-in amount and charged me an extra $900 for pin-striping which was never on the car nor did I want it.  At that point, I consulted the manager of the dealership and he just brushed me off saying the papers were signed and he wouldn't reinburse me any money for pin-striping or trade-in.  Told them I would sue them and he said, 'go ahead.'


I was so livid, I contacted an advocacy lawyer who specializes in situations like this. Lawyer also found other discrepencies in the contract including the financial payments, double charge for window etching etc. Lawyer takes no money unless the case is won.  It took about a year and a half and it went to court.  I was awarded $6,000 of which the lawyer takes 1/3.  The remainding $4,000 covered all the issues that the dealer wouldn't address plus a little extra for what I went through with this dealership.   Lesson learned!


About 3 years ago, I went looking for a new car.  Let's just say I did all my homework and knew exactly what I wanted, what I was going to pay for it and most of all, I wasn't going to be intimidated or pressured.   I went to three dealerships told them what I wanted and handed them a paper with what I was willing to pay for it. (Had already looked up online what the lowest cost for the car in my area would be.)  First two dealers started with the usual back and forth stuff.  Told them I wasnt interested in doing business like that.  Here's my price either meet it or I walk and I did.  Third dealer was pressure, listened to what I said, gave me a very generous trade-in for my car (other dealers only wanted to give half of his amount) and got my car for rock bottom price.  My brother was astounded at the low price I paid for the car.. 


My prepared, know what you want and do your research BEFORE going to a dealer. Also when a dealer sees a woman by herself looking to purchase a car, it could mean problems.  I told one dealer...don't mistake my gender for a weakness... I assure you, I know what I'm doing!

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